Ultimate Post Workflow Guide

Frame.io Launches the Ultimate Post Workflow Guide

Work in progress review platform Frame.io sets out to be the ultimate destination for helping projects move through post.

The workflow guide is now live and can be found here.     

There are a lot of great resources to be found on the internet.  Wikipedia, for one, is wonderful for certain high-level information, but when it comes to filmmaking, it doesn’t often dig down deep into the weeds of workflow. We like to believe that there is a lot of great information on No Film School, but of course, we cover a wide range of subjects and news that are mixed in with workflow and interviews.

Frame.io has now decided to launch the ultimate post workflow guide, a single document that’s a deep, complex, thorough path through post that should be accessible to even the newest filmmaker or client, but hopefully will have information relevant to everyone.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I wrote a small number of the guides.

The goal of the project is to be a single destination for organized, curated, edited information that takes you, in a curated fashion, through post. You can dip into any article at any time, but it should also lead you naturally from one article to the next. With a variety of professionals contributing (incudling folks like Ryan Connelly and Denver Riddle), the information is designed to be highly current, and the guide promises to stay up to date.

The biggest challenge with a project like this is keeping it continuously current, as post workflow changes, but that’s how this becomes the perfect project for frame.io. This is in many ways the perfect marketing move for the company.  he precise type of client who might be in need of frame.io’svices are the same folks who will be googling specific post workflow topics this guide will address.

Once you’ve landed at the workflow guide to solve your problem, you are that much more likely to wander over to frame.io and see what its service is all about. It’s a great example of using real, applicable information as a marketing strategy, and it’s one that benefits all filmmakers, whether you are a current frame.io client or not.

We took a look at some pre-release articles and the content is impressive both for its organization and its ambition. Whether you are a student first dipping your toe into workflow or a post pro dealing with a particular issue, there’s something in there for you.

The workflow guide is now live and can be found here.     

Written By Charles Haine

Original Source https://nofilmschool.com/u/charleshaine

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