House Shark Production Begins

House Shark Key Art

“House Shark” Key Art Released!

From the producers of “She Kills” and “Night of Something Strange” comes “House Shark!” Production begins this Saturday on starring Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant & Wes Reid. Written and directed by Ron Bonk. Music by Emmett Van Slyke. Monster FX by Marcus Koch. Shooting for a week in August, then some interiors in March, then wrapping up next June.

“Empire State of Dead”

SRS Cinema LLC is now in post production on the wraparound sections for a film I was fortunate enough to be an associate producer on, “Empire State of Dead” . The production began as a contest where seven shorts from New York State filmmakers were selected to be part of an overall full length feature detailing the early days of a zombie outbreak in the Empire State. The seven finalist were:

-“Blessed are the Meek” – dir. Matthew Peters
-“Fresh Meat” – dir. Chad Foster & Jamie Storrs
-“Occupied” – dir. Georffrey Orlowski
-“Necropath” – dir. Joshua Reale
-“Revenant” – dir. David Royal & Andrew Peters
-“What’s the Matter with Allison” – dir. Alexander Bell
-“Zombie Hipsters from Upstate” – dir. Stephen Long

Now producer/director Ron Bonk has filmed a wraparound, in a series of shorts, which will tie all these stories together. The overall plot of the movie follows a small group of soldiers trying to maintain order in the middle of the outbreak. But thwarting their efforts are rogue gangs, lead by a young drug lord who sees the apocalypse as his chance to rule the new world rising from the rubble, and a rogue army platoon that has chosen to fend for itself. The feature stars Joel Miscione, Michael Merchant, Eli DeGeer, Wes Reid, James Cacciatore & Michael J Widger, as well as a cast of 100’s of zombie extras, gang members, soldiers, civilians and more.

The first chunk of production was filmed in Nov. 14th-23rd, then wraps up Spring 2015, all shot in Syracuse, NY. A release is planned for fall 2015. Look for more updates @

Hi-8 coming to DVD Dec 16th!

Low tech. high horror. Eight directors including Tim Ritter, Donald Farmer and more were each challenged to go back to their roots, using only analog equipment to tell eight fresh stories with a dark edge. Hi-8 DVD Dec 16th Amazon

I was fortunate enough to produce the segment “Gang Them Style” directed by Ron Bonk. We had a blast on this set and it really took us back to how most of us started. Early in my career I spent so much effort trying to make my low budget movies look like hollywood productions. I was limited to what I could do with the equipment I had. Nowadays with the affordable DSLR craze, the look of hollywood film is easily attainable, but with so many new camera’s coming out ever 6 months, one can easily be consumed with the technical side of things. It’s like trying to find a movie on Netflix. So it was a real pleasure going back to a time in indie filmmaking when it wasn’t about the new camera we were shooting on, it was about the story we were trying to tell.