House Shark Needs Your Help!

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Feel the wrath of one’s mother…lol

I brought my daughter over to play with my mother’s new dog and decided to have a little fun with my new iPhone 6. At the expense of my mother, I had to share this hilarious video of her attacking me with her cane. My mother hates being filmed despite her son (me) being a filmmaker. However, I have since showed my mother and she agrees, it’s pretty damn funny. This was the first video I shot and edited with the iPhone 6, enjoy.

Blood Red Presidents (The Two Plates) Bloopers and Outtakes

This should have been included with the original release of “The Two Plates” 5 years ago, however the distributor decided to advertise the special features but not include them on the actually DVD. So fast forward 3 years ahead to the rerelease of “The Two Plates,” now under the more marketable title “Blood Red Presidents.” In an attempt to correct the mistakes they made with the original release, they promised to include the special features on this release. A release that I spent 4 months completely remastering while my current project collected dust. Sept 2013 the flick is released, and to my surprise, as a double feature with zero special features. So fuck Maverick Entertainment, I thought I’d release the special features myself, one at a time. Please enjoy the Outtakes from Blood Red Presidents/The Two Plates. For the in-depth story of my distribution nightmare visit and listen to my podcast episode 3 “Distribution Hell.”


Jellystone Park on the iPhone 6

I went camping this past weekend with the fam and shot some footage on my iPhone 6 using the 240 Frame Slow Motion Mode. I cut the clips together using the iMovie app, isn’t technology amazing.